Influencer Marketing: The Big Thing

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The growth of the influencer marketing is going to be huge in the upcoming years. The family influences the way customers, friends with the purchasing decisions, it’s time to get updated with the advertising strategies. The era had gone when customers used to look at the companies for new trends; now they look at each other on the social media, their favorite personalities having the huge fan following on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, YouTube and other platforms.

This is the big reason why the influencer marketing is going to be next big thing in the advertising world.

Influencer marketing is the form of marketing in which you build a relationship with the person.

It is important in the following ways:

It acts as word-of-mouth

According to the researches, customers believe more in what others say. Others recommendations act as the word-of-mouth for the customers. So the influencer marketing is the big thing that can be beneficial in boosting the brand’s value.

Paid ads are out-dated

Influencer marketing is more likely to be accepted because people are tired of paid ads and that’s why they love the products like the ad blocker, Netflix.

It is an effective way to advertise without interrupting the users. Also, this gives the user more pleasurable experience and more exposure to the product.

Social Media’s Impact

The World has shifted to social media, and it’s the easiest way to connect with the customers. The time had gone when people used to make their purchasing decisions through the ads that they see or listen. They expect the brands to talk to them. This is the reason that brands hire famous personalities to talk to the customers about the products.

It’s targetable and traceable

Since now the advertising was done without targeting the exact audience. The advertising industries were merely shooting in the dark in the hope that they will target the audience and will make the impact on them.

But now it’s the time of the digital world. The brands can effortlessly target the audience related to their products via social media. It is an efficient way to store and analyze the data that is giving positive results through advertising and marketing.

Points to keep in mind while executing the influencer campaign:

Charity begins at home

First of all take an attention at the current influencers, the individuals who have already invested in your brand. Target those followers first. Selecting someone within your following will give the best result than from those who have huge fan following and don’t even bother what your brand is all about.

Quality over Quantity

Just because someone is having millions of fan following doesn’t guarantee the success of the campaign. The Influencer marketing is all about quality of the audience than the quantity. Few quality readers having better engagement are better than huge having negligible commitment.

Keep the campaign’s guidelines less and clear

We all know that we work better if we have to follow lesser terms and conditions. Same is the case of the influencers. Make the purpose and the message of the campaign clear with fewer guidelines to be followed and let them do. Most of the natural content doesn’t come from you and your team but from the influencer itself.

A share and a good review about the product by the influencer means that it will affect the customers in positive and will be helpful in building the brand and bringing the organic traffic to the site.

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