SEO Prices and Promotion Plans



SEO for small websites in non competitive niches.



SEO for Bloggers / Start-Ups / Small Businesses with a limited budget.



SEO for ecommerce and corporative websites.



SEO for ecommerce, big companies with the goal to reach massive audiences. Warning: Monster Pack!

Compare SEO plans and choose the best solution for your business.

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$200 / month
$100 / month
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$600 / month
$300 / month
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$1400 / month
$700 / month
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$2600 / month
$1300 / month
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Website SEO Audit
Full Report with details for fix
Web Promotion Strategy On monthly base
Google Webmaster Tool Setup & Monitoring
Bing Webmaster Tool Setup & Monitoring
Yandex.Webmaster Setup & Monitoring
Google Analytics Setup & Monitoring
Keyword Research & Analysis
In Depth Competitor Analysis
Local Search Setup and Optimization
Badlink Analysis and Cleanup
Promotional Activity*
Total Targeted Keywords/Phrases up to 2 keywords up to 10 keywords up to 50 keywords up to 300 keywords
Promotional activities Pack 1
(promoting in Social Bookmarking, Directory Listing, Forum Participation, Blog Comments)
Promotional activities Pack 2
(promoting in Local Classifieds Listing, Business Listings, Quora)
Promotional activities Pack 3
(promoting in Niche Guest Blog Promotion, PDF/ PPT /Slide/ Image Submission, Informative Article Writing & Posting, Infographics Creation)
Social Media Marketing*
Facebook (Fanpage Creation + Managing)
Up to 10 posts/mo
Twitter (Profile Creation + Managing)
Up to 10 tweets/mo
Google (Plus Profile Creation + Managing)
Up to 10 posts/mo
Youtube Channel Creation
Up to 3 posts/mo
Monthly Work Status Reports
Monthly Ranking Report
Monthly Google Analytics Report
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SEO Promotion Plans & Packages include:

Step 1: We analyze your website and business and find out the best keywords that suit your website the most - that can optimize the ranking in better way. Each specific keyword has amount of competition and generate different results for a website. We always research and suggest the best keywords for your website with caution and attention to detail.
Step 2: We apply a strict plan to optimize the website. It consists of proper evaluation and audit. After that, we suggest the best “Web Promotion Plan” that will fulfill your website's needs. It includes SEO, PPC services, Social Media Campaign Management, etc. for your website, all carefully exposed to your consideration with a report.
Step 3: Our Promotional Activities (in various packages), include mix of actions, based on the web promotion strategy, that we've already prepared. Depending on the performance of the website, we choose the way of promotion within the selected plan.
Any “Web Promotion Plan” can be customized strictly to your website's specific needs and goals. Therefore, if you have any custom requirement, then you can contact us for more info and we'll adjust our strategy for reaching the best results.
Don't hesitate to contact us for more information and resolve your query/ and start reaching your goals!

Get right SEO package for your website

SEO for new websites

Work on seo optimization of a website may be divided into two parts: the first concerns action on the website itself and can be called initial optimization. The second part of the work on the optimization of a website includes the construction of links to the website itself. This is still one of the most important factors in the positioning of the website.
OK! Get more calls, more traffic and more sales to your website.
Recommended plans: Lite SEO or Super SEO

SEO of corporate site

The initial SEO optimization of corporate site, includes a review of current parameters for the moment and preparing a full report with measures that help to improve the ranking of your website in search engines.
Recommended plans: Super SEO, Bussiness SEO or Monster SEO

E-commerce SEO

SEO begins with an analysis of the current performance of your online shop in terms of SEO and preparation of a plan with adjustments. These adjustments are good to make, so the store could meet the current rules of search engine ranking and positioning.
In building an e-shop in some cases it did not include auditing of the website in terms of search engines (SEO audit). Omission of important points of current rules for positioning in search engines or websites aging leads to the inability website to rank well in search engine results.
Recommended plans: Super SEO, Bussiness SEO or Monster SEO

SEO for personal blog or small vcard type website

We can help your personal blog to improve parrameters, related to SEO and search engines. The second part of the work on the optimization of a website includes the construction of links to the website itself.
Recommended plans: Lite SEO or Super SEO