3 Social Media Trends Viral For 2017

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There are few notable trends which are worth knowing especially for online businesses. These are live video slots, platform crossover and virtual reality. Social media is characterized by constant changes in user interaction and distribution of information. Consumers also accept changes on media platforms in form of updates. As a result, it’s hard to predict the future of online business. User are already adopting VR and preferring live content. Platform crossover also allows markers to choose the most suitable platforms. Social media networks no longer work independently due to introduction of features like common search. People consider information found in live streaming to be more real because it is not additionally ‘touched’ or moderated. Marketers seeking to increase consumer engagement should adopt these platforms. We are going to show you the three major trends and shifts worth tracking and embracing especially for investors.

Live Video

An entity which unites all platforms forms a basis for full engagement by the audience. Live streaming supplements social media accounts like Snaps, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. All of them demand user engagement in order to remain irrelevant. Live video is one of the most engaging media platforms today. In 2016 Facebook launched their live streaming service which was quickly embraced by users. Later, Instagram which has over 600 million users, launched their live video service. YouTube which is the ultimate video platform announced a TV streaming service early this year. These are quickly transforming businesses by sharing engaging information. Viral videos have transformed social media and are expected to be relevant even in the future. Since live videos are on almost all media platforms it’s wise for any marketer to embrace them. Businesses have attested to the ability of live videos to increase engagement numbers. Combining existing video adverts with live streaming certainly increases consumer base. Their appeal surpasses the common business branding thus increasing user engagement. People prefer live contents since it makes them feel connected to the advert or event. It also relieves perfection pressure which dominates social media platforms. Live videos make information real, authentic and hence, perfect.

Virtual Reality

This technology trend has been embraced by marketers in different business sectors. It has been integrated into prominent social media platforms like Facebook which acquired Oculus Rift. The 360 app, Snaps spectacles and other virtual platforms also have great marketing potential. This technology allows businesses to tell their story in a more innovative and engaging way. The audience is now looking for stories, clips and games based on VR technology. Any company willing to maintain or increase their sales should consider investing in VR. Many brands are hesitant to adopt this technology because of its long life. But the audience has already switched to VR which means it’s time for marketers to act. Pokemon GO is one of the success stories of VR technology. Virtual reality has also dominated the marketing arena apart from gaming. It has changed driving experience with the introduction of Test Drive. VR has allowed marketers of luxury commodities to overcome skepticism found among luxury consumers. It has also been used to showcase fashion as well as provide new experience in adventure especially when hiking. VR is a very promising tool but marketers have only scratched the surface of its potential.

Platform Crossover

Over the years social media platforms have been operating independently in terms of user engagement. Facebook was only about your wordy status and images. Instagram was sharing artistic images, Twitter was used for micro blogging and Snap was used to share free moments. All platforms served a specific purpose before platform crossover removed all these boundaries. Social media platforms are morphing and complementing each other. For instance Facebook and Snaps designed a similar search feature. This serves to offer audiences with holistic experiences. For marketers, this means there is no need to invest and maintain multiple social media platforms. They only have to choose the most compatible platform for use and management.

These three technologies form the future of marketing. Their ability to increase consumer engagement makes them worth the investment. There is no need to have multiple accounts with platform crossover. Live videos have increased consumer confidence. VR reality is boosting sectors dealing with games, adventure and fashion. More business entities are yet to adopt these innovative platforms. This is an information era and new ways on how to deliver information better are coming up. Marketers need to stay on track and invest in innovative tools for them to remain relevant.

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